Voiced by Long John Baldry
Gender: Male
Species: Computer
Affiliation: Toad Empire
Position: Absolute Ruler
Vehicle: none
Homeworld: Toad Homeworld
Fur color: green skin
Eye color: red
First appearance: War of the Warts

Komplex is the absolute overlord of the Toad Empire, and the main antagonist of the series.


Komplex appears to be a low resolution polygon image of a Toad with red eyes and sharp teeth that occasionally appears on TV screens. However, being a sentient Artificial Intelligence, it's true form is an incredibly expansive network of interconnected mainframe computers that resides in the heart of the Toad homeworld.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Komplex alone has direct access to any and all television screens in the Toad Empire. It can both see and speak through these screens at will, allowing it to both broadcast Toad TV directly to the Toads, as well as observe and command their entire civilization. It can also control certain machines directly to assemble a mechanical body that houses various weapons.


The Toads were always an incredibly materialistic people, focused on obtaining shoddily manufactured goods for no reason other than to have more than the next Toad. A cabal of scientists manages to convince the industrialist kings of the Toad Empire that production and profits would be increased if they were all maintained through a centralized computer system. In reality, this was just an excuse to link all computers on the Toad Homeworld to help the Toads to help them with everything, even the boring things they don want to do.

Instead of helping them, the computer immediately declared itself to be the dictator of the Toad Empire, named itself Komplex, and enslaved virtually the entire populace by exposing them to mind-altering television signals. Komplex quickly became the nearly omnipresent overlord of the Toads, monitoring and controlling every aspect of their lives.

A century of intense industrialization and regimentation followed; both Komplex itself and the supporting factories expanded to cover the Toad Homeworld's surface seven times over, and vast armies were sent out to systematically plunder the Aniverse's raw materials. Komplex plans to gradually expand it's influence to dominate the entire Aniverse.


Komplex only cares about one thing: Komplex. It wants every aspect of all society in the Aniverse to bend to the will of Komplex, either willingly or unwillingly - everything else must be destroyed.


Komplex holds the toad population in disdain, becoming temperamental when forced to speak to any of them. Komplex treats the rest of the universe in the same way. The only creature Komplex is not shown to become angry with is Toadborg.


  • In Toad language, KOMPLEX is an anagram for "Feed Me".
  • In the cartoon, Komplex banished it's creators into deep space. In the original comic, it lobotomized them with lasers. In both cases, this was to prevent their knowledge from being used to shut down it's systems.
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